Monitor availability of your websites, Cronjobs, APIs, Domains, SSL etc.

Show availability in beautiful stauspages and get alerted when something goes offline. Start monitoring in less than 2 minutes.

  • Website monitoring
  • API monitoring
  • Server monitoring
  • Port monitoring
  • Cron job monitoring
  • Status Pages
  • Custom domains
  • Downtime alerts
  • Multiple integrations
  • Analytics included

You are in good company...

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Uptime track your websites, API's, servers and ports availability with ease.
Keep track of your Cron jobs and make sure they are actually running.
Be transparent with your visitors and show display your monitors stats beautifully.
Get to know when & for how long your monitors became unavailable & get instant email notifications.
Multiple integrations to help you notified and more on the way.

Multiple locations*
We check your monitors from multiple locations around the world. (* coming soon)
Custom HTTP requests
Request method, request body, basic auth & custom request headers.
Custom HTTP responses
Set & expect a certain response from your monitors.
Multiple notifications
Get instant notifications when your tracked services go up or down.
Easiest way to categorize your managed resources.
Custom domains
Connect your own domain or use our predefined ones.

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